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Jazz Pianist & Composer

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A child prodigy at the age of four, Alex feels quite at home in front of the piano, playing any one of the thousands of beautiful melodies he carries in his mind.

His Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Jazz Studies and genuine passion for music and composition makes Alex the musical genius he is today.


His branding represents the classic, refined element of Alex's style intertwined with the subtle symbolic details that embody his life as a spirited musician.

An avid pianist and performer, Alex plays nightly with Cirque du Soleil's O production at the famous Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. Tirelessly, he teaches throughout the day and shares his wealth of knowledge with students eager to learn from an exceptional instructor.

Alex continues to compose, teach, perform, and—all accolades and awards aside—is one great human being with a humble, vigorous passion for music.

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